Įžanga į OEE teoriją



OEE is an indicator based on good manufacturing practice theory, which determines what part of the planned production time was used productively. If OEE indicator is equal to 100 %, that means that the equipment, production line or whole factory was working in its highest possible speed without any failures or defects.

Data generated by OEE system can be used in two different ways, as a benchmark or as an entry-level identifier:

1. Using OEE equipment exploitation index as a benchmark, company can compare their efficiency with well-established worldwide standards, partners or competitors in many different ways.

2. Using OEE index as an entry-level identifier, company can track their efficiency progress, which would be achieved by eliminating any unnecessary proccesses or introducing new workforce optimization methodologies.




There are 5 main OEE indicator levels established worldwide:


1. OEE index is equal to 100 % - company exploits its existing equipment perfectly, produces highest possible amount of products per minimal time and all the production are of high quality.

2. OEE index is equal to 85 %  – company OEE indicator is in worldwide standards. Achieving 85 % OEE index is many factories long-term objective, which they pursue.

3. OEE index is equal to 60 % – company OEE index falls into average operating companies indicators and has lots of processes which can be upgraded to improve efficiency and increase production time.

4. OEE index is equal to 40 % - company doesn‘t use their equipment efficiently, makes a lot of production with defects or there are many equipment failures. Typically, this can be improved by simply monitoring equipment breakdown reasons and taking necessary decisions to reduce this time. This could increase OEE indicator approximately from 5 % to 25 %.

5. OEE index is lower than 40 % - company uses their equipment very ineffectively and it needs to closely monitor every production process. Moreover it is necessary to take drastic decisions wich could improve its current situation.