Pirmoji lietuviška OEE sistema - Horas OEE

About Horas OEE

Horas OEE is manufacturing equipment efficiency measuring system, created based on OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) theory, mathematical theories and algorithms, automatic data collection technologies and our long-lasting experience in manufacturing optimization field.

The system consists of 3 main parts: 

•Data collection;

•Data processing; 

•Evaluation of results;

A wide range of different technologies can be used for data collection: a wide variety of optical or other sensors, current sensors, or the data that is stored inside the manufacturing equipment. Data processing and result evaluation is done in the system servers and can be individually adapted to the clients’ needs.

The system provides real time information on order execution, manufacturing breaks, up time, and many other indexes that effect equipment efficiency.


Horas OEE functionality

1. Real-time production and equipment monitoring

·         Horas OEE indentifies problems why equipment performance is not high enough when working on maximum loads.

·         Informs if production time losses are being generated on account of wrong equipment utilization.

·         Shows weak points of the production processes or even points where processes starts failing in real-time.

2.  Precise statistics and data analysis in just a few days:

·         How often does the equipment break.

·         How long does the breakdowns take.

·         What are the recurring breakdown causes and how often do they repeat.

·         Is there any visible breakdown trends.

·         Does the equipment breakdown correlate with any operating operator or any other factor.

3. OEE system helps to make decisions on the issues of investment:

·         Is it time to buy a new equipment?

·         Should you buy an additional equipment?

·         Is there a need for more working shifts?

·         Should you accept more employees?

·         Is formation of problem-solving group needed?

4. The ability to compare factory production efficiency in the past and present:

·         What are the factors affecting positive and negative impact on the efficiency of work.

·         Did the taken decisions have brought desired effect.

·         Which changes had positive and negative result.

5. Helps in preparation of production optimization plans.

6. There are many tools integrated in the OEE system:

·         LEAN.

·         6 SIGMA.

·         SMED.

7.  Statistically, after just 3 months of OEE system usage, equipment efficiency increases up to 10 % and after 6 months up to 24 %.


8. The OEE system makes it possible to check whether the manufacturer‘s equipment specifications are in line with practical use.



Short installation time is one of the first benefits that our clients talk about. When speaking about installation time many companies think about a very long and tedious process, lasting from a few months to several years. Thankfully for you due to the special structure and convenient adaptation of Horas OEE system, it can be installed in just a few days.


Horas OEE system is extremely user-friendly and can be learnt to use properly in just a day due to its intuitive layout and very clear structure. It is very convenient to monitor and compare results of all the equipment, different department subdivisions or even different working shifts. If needed, we can offer a support service which includes consultations over the phone or by e-mail.


Horas OEE system collects data about equipment up times, down times and reasons and other indexes. First of all this information can be viewed in convenient graphs. Secondly, the precise statistical information about down times, their frequency and reasons can be used to take action for improving the process.


System monitors factory production, equipment loads, causes of equipment breakdowns and employees work in their respective working areas. Horas OEE is an ideal production management tool, wich immediately answers questions raised in the course of production, without you even leaving your office. The only requirement to access the system is available internet access.